Courses of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

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Foundations of Computational and Systems BiologyUndergraduate / Graduate
Introduction to BiologyUndergraduate
Introductory BiologyUndergraduate
Introductory BiologyUndergraduate
Experimental Biology & CommunicationUndergraduate
Experimental Biology - Communications IntensiveUndergraduate
Cell BiologyUndergraduate
Biological Chemistry IIUndergraduate
Experimental Microbial GeneticsUndergraduate
Experimental Molecular Biology: Biotechnology IIUndergraduate
Topics in Experimental BiologyUndergraduate
Developmental BiologyUndergraduate / Graduate
Protein Folding ProblemUndergraduate / Graduate
Principles of Human DiseaseUndergraduate
Molecular BiologyUndergraduate / Graduate
Cellular NeurobiologyUndergraduate
Avoiding Genomic Instability: DNA Replication, the Cell Cycle, and CancerUndergraduate
Immune Evasion: How Sneaky Pathogens Avoid Host SurveillanceUndergraduate
Nano-life: An Introduction to Virus Structure and AssemblyUndergraduate